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Never Stop Learning

I will always take the chance to ride a new horse if the opportunity presents itself. If the horse is safe and sound, why not? Each horse has something to teach you. Be a sponge. Seek to be a master in your craft.

There is so much opportunity out there to learn and so many great mentors to glean knowledge from, but no one rider knows everything. Exploring other disciplines is just the beginning of how you become a better horseman. Each part of the sport features different breeds of horses and riding styles, some may not even involve actually riding the horse at all.

You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.

I always love taking the time to tour new facilities and see how others manager their stable. Although I may have a pretty tedious routine, if someone has a better way of doing it, I’ll gladly go back to the drawing board and incorporate new best practices.

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