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Where little bits of progress each day add up to big results.

Hidden Pines is a private equestrian facility located in Whitewater, WI. Believing in positive reinforcement, the power of praise, and some unconventional methods, Jillian brings out the best in horses by creating a forward -thinking learning environment. 


we don't wait for learning opportunities, we create them.

If you have an OTTB ready to be detracked, a colt you'd like started, a pony that needs to learn how to be a productive member of society, or something green that you want finished up, send them my way!


Positive reinforcement and providing opportunities to be successful are the foundation for forward progress. We end each day with a win.

Reach out today to schedule a visit!

**My facility is also set up to take in rehabs on a case by case basis (if you need stall rest, small turnout, daily bandage changes, handwalking, etc, and you don't have the time, we have the ability to make your horses recovery as lucrative as possible).



Groundwork Basics and Boundaries

"I love letting my horses get exposed to all types of sights, sounds, textures, and activities. It's all about building a confident companion that wont bulk, bolt, or spook."

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